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[pct-l] Re: Bombproof Tent

There is a difference between FACTS and opinion. There is nothing controversial
about a Stephenson 3RS for anyone who has one or know about tents. I have one
that is 10 years old with 300 overnights on it and it is still waterproof and
windproof. The tent weighs 4.5 pounds on my scales.

The Stephenson 3RS is bombproof in that it is waterproof and will handle very
high winds. I don't know what "thin nylon" and "free standing" have to do with
anything. This tent is used for high mountain ascents. I can assure you it is
more than adaquate. The tent weighs 4.5 pounds on my scales.

Is Jack Stephenson controversial? Look, If you can support your President even
though he committed adultry in the White House and lied to you about it, you can
shurely buy a tent from a nude jerk.

By the way I am not necessarly advocating a 4 season tent as BJ apparantly gets
from my post. Any good tent that will ride out a storm will work in my STOP,
HOLE-UP and WAIT resolution.

I spoke with Kurt Russel, the inventor of the Wanderlust Nomad Lite. He invented
his tent because "he couldn't afford a Stephenson". His tent, while not 4
season, has plenty of room for one person to HOLE-UP for a few days. It only
weighs 1.5 pounds and costs only $225. His tent is designed to be kinda a 3 1/2
season tent. It will handle winds up to 40 MPH. Unless you camp on a ridgeline
this is enough. [I haven't seen my Nomad Lite yet so I can't vouch for its

Actually, I am not even advocating a STOP, HOLE-UP and WAIT strategy, just
**have a strategy and stick to it**.

Now, in fact, I believe that my strategy is better and that people ought to take
a look at what I am doing and why before assuming I am stupid. My strategy won't
work many places, certainly NOT in the Pacific Northwest where it rains 25 hours
a day, but it will work in Southern and Central California, more that 1/2 the
1. First, it will save you weight. Kurt's tent probably weighs less than BJ's
pack cover and poncho.
2. Second, you can use your tent every day where you'll use your heavyweight
rain gear twice a month.
3. Third. Lightweight rain gear like Frog Togs provide reasonable alternate
clothing and will allow you to hike in light rain -- as long as you can retreat
into a tent to get dry.

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