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[pct-l] Re: Stephenson Tents

I have two Stephenson tents. Simply put, the provide the best size to
weight ratio of ANY tent made but at a price. First, Stephenson is so
lightweight  because of the care spent building the tent and so expensive
because the owner, Jack Stephenson, is a cantankerous, arrogant, type who
will do whatever he wants and if you don't like it go buy another tent.
However, no mass tent builder has matched Jack's American, hand made,

The Stephenson 2x weighs 2.33 pounds, will stand 90 mph winds and had 42
square feet of floor area. Unfortunately, the single wall design will rain
condensation inside when it is cold outside and is difficult to vent when
it is hot. Still, a tent that will sleep 3 in a pinch at less than 2.5
pounds is unreal. It is $460 + postage +$40 for the not really optional
seam seal. While this is the tent for the ultra-light the 2RS version which
has double walls and side windows is a better choice for a 2-3 man tent. It
doesn't have much condensation and is easily ventable. It is $499 ++ and
weighs slightly less than 3 pounds.

For me the ultimate tent is the 3RS. It has 52 square feet of floor area
and doors at either end. The double doors are cool. Stack your gear on one
end, then use the other for the entrance. The tent sleeps 3 plus all gear
-- four in a pinch. Weight: slightly under 4 pounds (the x model is 3 1/4
pounds). Cost: about $700.

There is also a 5 model that is huge.

Are the tents worth it? My experience is that the 3RS saves every occupant
about a pound off their sleeping bag and another 1/2 to 1 pound off their
cold weather clothing compared to a standard 3 season tent like Eureka or
Sierra Designs. The four season, double wall design is EXTREMELY warm,
particulary in cold weather.  My solution for cold and wet weather is
retreat into the tent -- close the sucker up and roast. When hot simply
open the huge side windows. This strategy will not work with an X model.
Disclaimer: The weather I hike in is not hot/humid. If this approach will
work back east I don't know.

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