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[pct-l] does anyone have plans to hike the whole pct in 1999?

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the group. I live in Boston and am going
to hike the PCT next season (spring - fall 1999).
I will not have very much if any support from home,
so I need to find a way to plan and organize 99% of
this on my own.

1. Is there anyone on this list who is also planning to do the PCT
this comming season?
2. Has anyone ever completed the PCT with their dog?
and if so ... what were their issues?

I don't want to bother everyone on the pcter's list
with detailed planning questions. However, I would like very
much to speak and brainstorm with people who
are planning on hiking the whole PCT.
Anyone who has completed (or attempted)
the entire PCT is welcome to send me their free advise.

I  have ordered Ray Jardine's PCT book as well
as the PCT trail guides. I have also been looking around
the web and reading people's pct stories from the last couple
of years.

Information about me:
I am not a novice hiker, but I am far from experienced as well.
The longest I have been on a backpaking trip in the wilderness
is 15 days. (I do realize that 6 months is a very long time.)
I have done a good deal of day hikes and I've been
on a number of wkend camping trips. Recentlly, I organized
a weekend camping trip for 12 people (friends and friends
of friends) in the white mountains of NH.
I also did an outward bound course in Joshua Tree California this
past march. Shortly after that I went on an overnight solo
trip in NH's white mountains.
The first backpacking trip I did was about 10 years ago.
Side notes:
I do a little bit of acting for fun and I enjoy photography.
The last year or so I've started rock climbing. I also enjoy skiing
very much. I've never done any winter mountaineering, however,
it's something I'm very interested in.


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