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[pct-l] This is Not a Trail Related Issue But Should Be

At one time the Appalachian Mountain Chain, extending even beyond to Florida and Illinois, every fourth tree was an American Chestnut.  Unfortunally no more as a blight has eliminated the chestnut.  We are trying to bring the Chestnut back.  I urge each and every one to contact the American Chestnut Foundation and contribute/purchse seeds/seedlings and hopefully bring back the American Chestnut.
I don't remember the exact address but using the search type in American Chestnut Foundation and you will find the address needed.  Not available in three states.
Membership is only $40.00 per year and 20 seeds are $50.00.  These trees will probably will die if planted in the normal growing area.  However some may survive at least to produce new trees or seeds.
I'm taking a chance and have ordered 80 Chestnut seeds to plant in Georgia.
Give this tree a chance at survival.