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Re: [pct-l] Calories

I've thought about carrying some type of oil in a little 1.5oz squeeze bootle
with a flip top that you can get at REI.  This would save weight by not
carrying the whole bottle.  True oils have a lot of calories because they are
100% fat ( which is 9 calories per gram), but it would wiegh a lot to carry any
large amount.  I think it might work well to carry a small squeeze bottle and
send a big bottle ahead in a drift box, although I have'nt actually tried this

Dude in TX

Karl Brandt wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Sep 1998, Brooks Hull wrote:
> > Karl mentioned taking olive oil because of the high calorie to weight
> > ratio.  I agree with the idea of taking some sort of oil for that
> > reason.  Olive oil seems a good choice.  I have been thinking of
> > trying liquid margarine.  It has almost as many calories and might
> > enhance flavor--even for oatmeal.
> I forgot about that. Actually, I used it couple of times. My favorite
> use was on flour tortillas for lunch.
> > Karl, how do you carry the oil?
> At a friend's suggestion, I've been using prescription medicine
> bottles. These are the ones pharmacist use to dispense cough syrup and
> such. They'll sell empty ones over the counter. Just ask at the drug
> counter.
> -Karl
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