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Re: [pct-l] Re: Getting a citation @ Kearsarge

I just passed through Onion Valley/Kearsarge about 4 days ago.  I spoke with Ranger Rick who is the Rea Lakes Ranger supervisor.  He was very polite and supportinve of the ultra-light philosophy.  he did not mandate bear-canisters, as they have installed numerouse bear boxes all over the area, about every 4 to 8 miles or so.  He did say that there had been some maulings in the area because some idiot tried to get his fo away from the bear once the bear had control of it.  We did put our food in the convenient bear boxes and were out of the area after one night.  We did not see or hear even one bear.

Dude in TX

Brick Robbins wrote:

> At 01:59 PM 8/31/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >Brick,
> >I would rather test a NPS location. Yosemite is my choice.The NFS is too
> >well connected to the local people. FYI, Kearsarge is a brutal area. I was
> >there 12 years ago and they had a bear pole. 5 years later the bears had
> >knocked it down! Why they don't simply litter the area with bear boxs I
> >don't know.
> The order in question is from, Inyo National Forest, forest order 04-97-1 and doesn't apply in any place but the INF. It says "food and refuse must be stored in a bear-proof container or in another manner designed to keep bears from gaining access..." It appears taht one ranger (a supervisor) has personally decided that there is no "other method" that works in Onion Valley, and is prohibiting hikers from entering the area without a bear can. I have sent repeated requests to the forest office requestiong clarification, and have received nothing but a hand written note from one ranger, and a copy of the forest order cited above.
> AFAIK, here are no  NPs in the Sierra that require bear canisters, though from what I heard, last week SEKI NP started prohibiting food hanging in that park. I have sent repeated requests to the SEKI wilderness office requesting clarification of the order, but have not received a reply.
> Yosemite started the summer "requiring" bear cans, but I suspect they did not have the authority to do that, becasue the suddenly started "strongly reccomending" them instead.
> The Inyo National Forest has taken the position that Bear Boxes are BAD so they have all been removed. From what I understand from reading the SEKI wilderness workbook, it looks like SEKI is heading the same direction.
> SEKI = SEquoia KIngs National Park
> -Brick
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