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Re: [pct-l] Calories

On Mon, 14 Sep 1998 14:06:51 EST5EDT "Brooks Hull"
<bhull@CA-F1.umd.umich.edu> writes:
>Karl mentioned taking olive oil because of the high calorie to weight 
>ratio.  I agree with the idea of taking some sort of oil for that 
>reason.  Olive oil seems a good choice.  I have been thinking of 
>trying liquid margarine.  It has almost as many calories and might 
>enhance flavor--even for oatmeal.

   Brooks, if you like Real Butter you can take that, too. When clarified
(often I use ghee, which costs more, but saves me work) - it keeps
literally-forever without any sort of refrigeration. It also tends to
solidify in cool temps, which means it can be spread.
    Depending on my mood, and circumstances, I 1) add chunks of it to the
foods I want it in on the trail and/or take a stiff container with a
good, tight _screw top_, placing a double layer of plastic wrap between
filled container and lid for insurance, tho it shouldn't make much
difference. The size of the container varies with the amount I want to
carry and the time I'll be on the trail proper between refills. My
favorite (and most reliable) is a plastic lab bottle for urine specimens;
it's a good size, packs well, and even has gradation marks on the side.  

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