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[pct-l] PCT Program update


Good news:
After about 20 hours in surgery, the front end to the PCT Program has
received a major facelift.  Dr. Giffen said the operation went well, except
for some complications with the Gates and Mozilla organs.  Things looks a
lot better than they did.  I still need to do a bunch of work to the "back
end" of the program (the actual program itself), but that will come in time.


Bad news:
My ISP recently decided they needed to pay for a bunch of new "performance
upgrades". So, now it will cost me $600 per year to have the
newestindustry.com domain AND run CGI programs (which is what the PCT
program is).  So...I'm going be moving everything at the end of the month.
The addresses will still be the same for my email and webpages
(www.newestindustry.com), but the pages will be on a different server.  I
don't know if there will be in interruption or not.  What a pain in the
ass, thanks Teleport!


Craig Giffen
Portland, OR

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