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[pct-l] to change the subject

Oh - the joy of packing for a long backpacking weekend!  All the woes of
this miserable week disappear, when trying to decide between the 40
degree bag and the 20 degree bag. Do I want mac n cheese, or spanish
rice? Spam or peanut butter? Long underwear or not? All the important
things in life. So - where are you all going this weekend?  How better
to celebrate (or mourn) the end of summer - than by spending another
weekend in the woods?  We're off to wheel the Donut Hole - again. One of
these days, we will get that guidebook rewritten. It's a long trail. In
the meantime, we can enjoy the solitude and beauty that is the
Pennsylvania north country and get back to enjoying life again. How
about you?
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