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[pct-l] Base weight Sect Hike Cascades

      I was just getting ready to purchase a photon light.  Did you 
buy the red or white one.  The red one has a lot longer life, but I was 
wondering how good it works.  Let me Know if you bought one.
Thanks - E. Yakel
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> purusing over the list you provided, I can see a few spots where you 
> can save weight:
> 1.  ditch the headlamp in favor of a Photon light, which weighs about 
> 0.1 oz.  that will save the entire weight of the headlamp.
> 2.  get a lighter sleeping bag (you shouldn't need a 15 degree bag in 
> the summer in the cascades unless you sleep really cold).  If you want 
> to really lighten you load, you can find really good 30 degree bags 
> these days that weigh well under 2lbs.  Several manufacturers are 
> making sub-2 lb bags: Western Mountaineering, Feathered Friends, 
> Marmot, Sierra Designs, Nunatak.  If you go with a down blanket, you 
> can get one that is under 1lb.
> 3.  You mentioned that kitchen stuff was heavy...  If you don;t already 
> have a Titanium cook-pot, go get one.  they are less than half the 
> weight of aluminum pots.  If you have a bowl or plate in addition to 
> the cookpot, ditch it and just eat out of the pot.  If you carry a fork 
> and spoon, ditch the fork and cut the handle of the spoon in half.  If 
> you carry a scrubber to clean the pot, ditch that and use sand along 
> the trail as an abrasive (don;t do this if your pot has a teflon 
> coating).  
> 4.  Aquamira - ditch the bottle and put the tablets in a tiny ziplock 
> bag.
> 5.  I dunno what a Big Agnes sleeping pad is, but if it weighs more 
> than 5.7 oz, then ditch it and get a 3/4 length ridge rest.  you can 
> save even more weight by cutting the pad to fit the length of your 
> shoulders to your hips.  YOu can further cut the weight by making the 
> pad as narrow as you can and still be comfortable.
> 6.  I am fairly certain that your first aid kit is too heavy by "ultra-
> light" standards.  My first aid kit weighs 2.0 oz and also includes my 
> lighter and some duct tape.
> 7.  Try an carry the smallest container possible for fuel, sunscreen, 
> deet.  You can buy tiny little plastic sqeeze bottles at REI and 
> transplant these substances into a smaller bottle.  If you reallt want 
> to save weight, dicth the deet unless you are certain that the 
> mosquitoes will be really bad.
> 8.  One way to save weight and not spend a fortune on a new tent is to 
> use a tarp instead.  Its not an easy transition for some people, so 
> don't even bother if you are not sure that you will be comfortable with 
> a tarp.
> good luck.
> peace,
> dude
> > Getting ready for my Southbound section Hike between Smith Pass and
> > Timberline Lodge.  370 miles in two weeks starting Aug 23rd and ending
> > Sept 7th.  This is my first longer than a weekend solo hike and my
> > first hike leaning towards ultra light.  My baseweight is down to just
> > under 17 lbs - including pack (Golite Race), tent (Eureka Solitair),
> > 15 degree sleeping bag (Big Agnes), pad (Big Agnes), stove, headlamp,
> > Frogtoggs, 1st aid kit, and kitchen and disposables - like fuel,
> > sunscreen, deet, aqua mira.  I then have in reality close to 3 lbs in
> > camara gear so it brings it closer to 20.  Only place that I could
> > skimp with out costing two arms and a leg would be in my kitchen.  Was
> > hoping to get it closer to 15 but I guess not this trip.  Did notice
> > that some of the advertised weight are bogus or missleading.  For
> > instance my tent claims to by 2    9 but that is without stakes and
> > strings and bag.  And the .9 is 9/10 of a lbs but the package makes it
> > look like 9 oz.  O well eve ryone needs to make a buck.
> > 
> > Duane - Shutterbug
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