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[pct-l] Advise Please

I think there maybe some confusion here.  The Big Lake Youth Camp did NOT
get any damage in the B & B Fire in Oregon.  I just checked with Seventh Day
Adventist in Portland, phone 503 652 2225 and confirmed this. 
It was a different church camp as Steve said "the Round Lake camp" and had
nothing to do with the PCT. I liked our resupply there when I hiked Oregon,
they even gave us a cabin (no one was in the camp except the caretakers).
Did our laundry, had showers etc.

Marge in Idaho.
And Scottie, somehow you had the entire Digest at the end of your message. I
deleted it before sending this off.

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This is just some information for everyone planning on using the Big Lake
Youth Camp for a resupply in Oregon.  It doesn't exist anymore.