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[pct-l] An Aqua Mira Question

Aqua Mira comes in two parts because chlorine dioxide (the active
ingredient in one of the bottles and the stuff does the sterilizing)
is usually unstable (meaning it will decompose in a short time).  The
reason Aqua Mira is so innovative is that they've figured out a way to
stabilize it.  I spoke with our drinking water specialist and he was quite
surpised about this (he studies Chlorine Dioxide in the lab here).  His
best guess is that they found a way to stabilize chlorine dioxide in a
solution with a high pH.  The other bottle is phosphoric acid.  When this
is added, it lowers the pH and activates the chlorine dioxide (also
destabilizing it).  Once activated, it auto-decomposes fairly quickly.

So I guess the short answer is that you cannot mix the two parts ahead of

Also, and I know all the web sites say otherwise, its chlorite that
sterilizes the water, not oxygen.  Aqua Mira forms chlorite which is
a different form of chlorine that is much more aggressive and therefore a
better form of water treatment. Oxygen can only kill organisms in ozone
form (O3). This is not created with chlorine dioxide.

By the way, I would not use regular chlorine for water treatment on the
trail.  Chlorine reacts with organic materials to form THMs
(Trihalomethanes) which are thought to be carcinogenic.  According to the
drinking water guy, this does not happen with chlorite (Aqua Mira).


On Sat, 27 Dec 2003, Chuckie V wrote:

 > Does anyone here know why Aqua Mira comes in two parts? And whether or
 not there is any harm on mixing part A and part B prior to setting out on
 a hike?