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[pct-l] bears & food

Actually, you are going to need to carry 6 pounds because you will most 
likely need 2 cans to stuff all your food AND toiletries into unless of course you 
want to hike out of the Sierra every 4 days to resupply. Now my choice of food 
is limited, too, if I want to use just one can.
    Give a government regulator an inch and they'll take a mile. Remember 
these are the exact same bureaucrats who INSISTED for many decades that we hang 
our food, which, THEY now admit, did absolutely nothing to solve the bear 
problem. Of course, hikers who didn't know how to hang food was the REAL problem in 
their minds.
  Now they are trusting these exact same hikers to have all their food and 
toiletries properly stuffed into canisters at all times when not in use. Gee, I 
wonder who they will blame this time around
   So go ahead and trust them to do the right thing. Me, I'll continue to 
question authority. The food hanging fiasco has created a big credibility problem 
in my mind.
    I was nearly killed in an avalanche because I was expected to just do as 
I was told. It ain't gonna happen again.