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[pct-l] aether 60?

> anyone use an osprey aether 60 backpack for a long
> hike?  i've heard good things about it, and would love
> to hear people's opinions.

I have really enjoyed using the aether 60.  You can see my (and other
people's) reviews at backpackgeartest.org http://tinyurl.com/39sdb

I continued to use the Aether since I wrote my review and have been very
happy.  The only thing that has changes since I wrote my review is that my
base weight (and volume) for most trips has gone down,  especially on
shorter trips. So I picked up the Granite Gear Vapor Trail this fall because
the Aether 60 is overkill for ~22lb, 2500ci loads.  Going forward I am using
the Aether when I am a pack-mule (backpacking with my young daughter), or
for extended trips when I have to take a bear canister.  Otherwise I have
switched to a Granite Gear Vapor.