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[pct-l] Sleeping bags and water treatment for trail

 Sleeping bags for trail??? Most common seems to be a 20 degree rating. I would take a 15 degree over a 30 degree bag. You can always open up a hot bag but tough to make a cold bag warmer. ( Yes, you can wear your clothing and such , but an extra 6 ozs. of down is no big deal!!!!!!!!)
  Water treatment for trail??? I prefer a filter at least through the desert to the Sierras. Water down south is far and few in many places and each water source sees heavy use. ( Many illegals use these sources and did not read " Freedom of the hills" section on water source prevention) The small " squeeze " sport bottle filters are common and quite light as well and pump type. When you see your water at Pioneer Mail, you will be happy you have a filter.    An eye dropper of clorox and one with hydrogenperoxide works well for hikers on a tight budget on water treatment. ( 4 drops per liter and wait 30 minutes) Tough to do through if you've been hiking in 95 degree heat and no water your last 5 miles to source!!!
   Farther up trail just take chemicals for " Iffy" water. I drink without filtering or treating water here in Washington and have done so for over 30 years. Still alive though!!! ( Barely!!) Good luck. Monte