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[pct-l] Cooking vs not cooking

I've reduced my cooking  a lot the last 2 years by soaking.The steel cut 
oats,  mixed grains ,dried cranberries and raisins  I use for breakfast 
soften up by throwing them in my cook pot the night before with a little 
water. I can eat in the morning without getting out of the sack if I want.
Sometimes  I carry a 1 oz plastic container to soak my lipton rice dishes or 
dehydrated beans the last hour of hiking. If I wasn't able to find alcohol I 
wouldn't suffer .
I'm fond of  hot chocolate but am usually justas happy  putting a coupla 
packs  in a gatorade bottle ,  shaking and drinking it cold and if I want it 
hot I  still shake it in the bottle first so that it's  mixed well.

Jeff (rogue

Waterboy wrote:
>I am really thinking about not cooking as often as I have in the past. I 
>will still take an alcohol stove but plan to eat dry most of the time. Does 
>anyone have any suggestions ?.  I seem to remember someone writing about 
>eating dry most of the way.

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