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[pct-l] Down Sleeping Bags

This year I met more than a few people, early in the hike, who were waiting for a warmer sleeping bag to arrive.  It is not necessarily warm in So CA in April or May.  My experience was that it was darned cold, some nights were single digit.
I started with a WM Apache (short bag-rated 15 deg) and switched to the lighter Marmot Arroyo (long bag-rated 35 deg) at Lone Pine for the rest of the trip.  Both ratings were on the conservative side so, although I was sometimes cold, I was never dangerously cold.
If I remember right, you are planning a late start so I think you'd be fine with something like the Arroyo for the whole trip, or at least till you get to WA.
I met up with my husband, Larry, at Tuolumne the other day.  He is still going strong though he has hurt a knee and bent my Leki poles in the process.  He has used the Arroyo from the border without being excessively cold.


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> I'm planning to thru-hike the PCT in 2003 and am seeking advice on a down sleeping bag.  I'm 5'2" and am looking at the Northface Blue Igloo and Sierra Design Prism.  Any feedback on these two bags or suggestions on another bag.  Since this is my first major hike I am trying to keep my gear within the 12-14 range (I'm not ready for ultralight).
> Thanks.
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