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[pct-l] Kelty Flight now Satori?

I don't know about this specific pack, but I have often 
found the printed weight isn't correct, especially if 
the pack, tent, etc. can be configurable. I concur that 
this "marketing" is deceiving.
> I cannot find any reference to the Kelty Flight on the Kelty website.  Does 
> anyone know if it has been discontinued?  The Satori appears to made of the 
> same material, similar size but different design and is listed as 2 ounces 
> heavier.  Is this the replacement for the Flight and if so, then why aren't 
> the Flights that are in stores on sale to clear them out?  
> Another question:  The Flight is listed at 22 ounces.  Now I have heard in 
> discussions here that properly outfitted it actually weighs in at about 4 
> pounds.  Is the 22 ounces the base weight of the pack without anything on it? 
>  Anything, like pockets, attachment hoops, front pocket and top pocket, or, 
> without hip belt and shoulder straps too?   If so, this appears to be a bit 
> deceptive in their advertising.
> Did I miss something while I was sleeping?
> Greg "Strider" Hummel
> "Salvitur Ambulando"
> (walking solves all things)
>             St. Augustine
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