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[pct-l] packs: comfort vs weight: Why packs work

Here ya go: http://pct77.org/reunion/pix_kk.htm

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> amn.... i totally agree with you... keep the pack you got. (but post
> a pic of it for us:)
> > This essentially describes the packs that Dick Kelty made for our
> > 1977 trip. Instead of a stiff welded frame of large-diameter
> > aluminum, he used a small-diameter (~1/2") flexible aluminum
> > tubing. The main frame is a single piece of tubing bent into an
> > inverted U shape. The crossbars, made of the same material, are
> > joined to the U-shape by delrin (nylon) pieces that allow a lot of
> > movement. The result is a lightweight (I don't know the weight of
> > the frame alone, but even with a Tioga bag attached the total is
> > under 4#) external frame that's very flexible. It has the usual
> > Kelty hip belt, so it can carry heavy loads--and the flexibility
> > of the frame offers the same benefit of an internal frame.