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[pct-l] Weight Gain and body types

 Flyin Brian 's weight was about the same through his whole one year ordeal.  
( 6,000 cals a day)There are several body types out there and each one is 
different. Hikers with larger amount of muscle tend to gain more fat in the 
off season and as they get older.  Lean hikers have no fat for reserve and 
must take this into account when planning a long trip. Each pound of fat is 
3,500 cals. and also serves as extra insultion when cold. Ever notice the far 
North you go , the heaver the people. Fat does carry a few bennies. If you 
gain weight on your trip, you are eating well and getting your amount of 
protein. All hikers come back with " Body Builder " legs. In the days before 
trekking poles, your upper body looked like a " Prisoner of War", but now the 
poles do help with the upper fitness somewhat. Bottom line is your body does 
what ever it needs to to adapt so don't sweat it!!

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