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[pct-l] Han Solo is an idiot (what else is new)

sorry for being out of the loop, I've been on the trail and my brain is fried...
just checking in and making some comments.  I'm in Truckee, CA  staying the
night courtesy of a local merchant & a former PCT thru-hiker.  I've had my
share (and Stubble's) of problems, but my spirits are high and I'm still going
thru as planned.   

some quick comments:

Mara, Aqua Mira is great, can't tell a taste, much better than iodine, very
light, wish I had it before Kennedy Meadows (700 miles) b/c of my GI disorder.
 There are definitely some very bad sources in the desert and the water caches
and water reports are NOT accurate, some drops are only filled on weekends and
sometimes there's a group of hikers that will empty the cache before you get
there.  Myself and 3 others went thru 3 30+ gallon caches on a Thursday night
and Friday and all were empty -first road I had my thumb out, next road I was
knocking on doors.  I learned my lesson and drank & carried much more water
after that. (I also got ahead of the pack and got to the caches earlier)

JACK FAIR's house is newly owned (Jack is dead, spirit lives on) -the new
owners are very hiker friendly, moved in the night before I got there and now
know what the PCT is (which is good since they live on it) and I gave them the
PCTA info and told them about trail angels etc.  Seems that next year's group
will have a good time there or at the local roadhouse.  -both places give
water and do some form of trail magic.

my mailbox is full and I can't delete, any replies please wait until 7/25 or
send to my wonderful Trail Mom who is on this list.  perhaps I'll see some of
you at ALDHA/ALDHA-West if I can get to a conference this Fall. -I know I have
some of you to thank and some of you to curse (Brian Robinson is evil, never
make a bet with him).  Have a great month and happy trail -han