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[pct-l] Thru-hiking and weight loss

I would also add that Jello No Bake Cheesecake is an
excellent and yummy way to gain a lot of calories for
the weight.  It only requires the addition of milk
(mix up your dehydrated milk first).  One package is
something like 6000 calories.  You can learn to mix up
smaller portions and divy one pack up for a week or a
few days.  It is a lot of sugar, though, but athletes
(which is what you are on while thru-hiking) can deal
with sugar better than office workers/couch potatoes. 

I would also recommend adding protein in the form of
meat to reduce fatigue - tuna in oil is really the
best for you, but you can mix it up with jerkey,
chicken, salmon, etc.  Pack in some fresh eggs, which
are the best nutritional value per pound.  Peanut
butter and nuts, as mentioned.  I think that macadamia
nuts are the most fattening of all, but almonds are
one of the best lean nuts that pack in a lot of

Good luck,

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