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[pct-l] packs: comfort vs weight: Why packs work, Part 2

No problem, the Dana hipbelt is removable isn't it? My recollection is that
it is attached to the pack bag with a square of velcro. If so the hip belt
can be used with the Kelty Cloud and with the lower cost version. I don't
know the model but the Cloud is very and unnecessarly expensive. Get the
less expensive version. However, the Kelty get their light weigh by having a
fixed back length. The shoulder straps are NOT adjustable like on the Dana.
Try on a kelty and make sure it fits.

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My problem with these light packs is that they do not consider that a
women's body is different then mens. 

We have to have a wide and long hip belt.  If we don't, we are carrying the
weight with our stomachs instead of using our hips.   

I have been carrying a Dana for a long time and spent so much time when I
first got it getting the right hip belt...Now I would like to go to a
lighter pack, but they fit me like an overweight guy who has his stomach
over his belt.   

My Dana fits me like a glove.  I am very small and can carry a good bit in
it.  However, empty the thing weighs 8 pounds.  I would be better finding
something else. 


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