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[pct-l] packs: comfort vs weight: Why packs work

On Sun, 23 Jun 2002 21:31:57 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>thanks for that great info!!  Good stuff.  However, if your entire 
>pack weight is ten lbs, a 3.5 lb pack is still a little too heavy.

Not at all.  A 3.5 lb pack would give you a 13.5 lb load. 

Basically about the weight of carrying the water for a desert
backpacking trip. Or some food.

If this is too heavy should you be out there in the first place? I
would think there would be something seriously wrong with your body.

You might collapse if you try add some leaves as souveners.<G>  

Could you even lift your body weight over a downed treee if you had
to- let alone carrying a pack? You might really hurt yourself.

Don't over do it. 

Even a 7 lb pack would raise it to 17 lbs which is simply nothing to

No special pack is needed for 10 lbs in fact it could simply be
wrapped in nylon and carried by hand without exertion or easily
carried in a large day pack...or a small rucksack if you want a frame
with perfect comfort. In fact it is what they are for- very light