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[pct-l] weight, etc.

As with everything in this life of ours, weight of pack and length of =
your hike, is always, relative.

As a 54 yrs. of age female (and over weight) when I tell people (1) I =
hiked alone; (2) for 14.4 miles; (3) in one day (4) was not afraid of =
bears or any other animals; (5) was not afraid of any potentially 'mean' =
people, and loved every moment on the PCT,  they can barely believe it. =
Their jaws drop and they think I am close to being Wonder Woman, =

And, to the non-hiker type people, I can tell them all of the above and =
add that I carry 30 to 35 pds. (+/-) when I go backpacking and watch =
their eyes get even larger as they look at me with total admiration (or =
am I seeing in their eyes confirmation of what they've always =
suspected...JoAnn REALLY is crazy?!)

BUT, to the folks on this list, mainly you thru hiker types (whom I =
truly respect), all of the above, is all but totally boring, overly =
heavy, too few miles, child's play.  To me, and that's the only one I =
really care to 'listen' to, it's delightful, just the right amount of =
weight for my enjoyment, heart-fulfilling, soul nurturing and =
challenging. Perfect for me.

Heavy or light; big or little; soft or hard (easy guys); too much or too =
little; cell phone or not; GPS or not; CDs or not, etc., etc. If your =
soul is touched and your heart is smiling while on the trail, =
well...what else can be said...your pack and everything else was just =


"Use what talents you have: the woods would have little music if no =
birds sang their song except those who sang best."

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