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[pct-l] PCT '03 & Lonely Trail in OR, WA

> My best friend and I are planning to thru-hike the PCT. Unfortunately,
> we will not leave until I graduate San Diego State University in
> mid-May. Hopefully this late start will not jeopardize our journey. When

You might consider postponing graduation until after the PCT. That is, take
off spring quarter, hike the PCT, return for fall quarter, and graduate in

In addition to giving you more flexibility on PCT start time, it might make
it easier to get a job after graduation. You'll be able to use the
university's on-campus interviews, placement services, and other resources
during the fall quarter, and be able to accept a position starting sometime
after graduation. If you graduate before PCT, you'll either have to postpone
your job search until after the PCT (when you might not have as much
university support) or tell the employer that they'll have to wait an extra
5 months before you can start (which might not fly).

On the other hand, if you're like most PCT hikers, once you've completed
your thru hike you're not going to want to work anyway. You spend too much
time in meetings thinking about your fantastic adventure.

Anyway, just another idea for you to consider. Worked for me: PCT '77, Cal
Poly SLO '78