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[pct-l] acknowledging hiker-friendly businesses

The Fedex/Pennsylvania Jeff story suggested to me a possible program for
the PCTA: a hiker-friendly seal of approval for near-trail businesses,
post offices, ranger stations, etc.    The PCTA needs to use its new logo
for something!

I'd imagine something nominated by through-hikers by petition and issued
by the PCTA - a certificate suitable for putting in the window or wall
of a business, at no cost to the business and conferring no tangible benefit
except perhaps a mention in future town guides.

I have in mind places like that Fedex guy's van, various postmasters that
bent the rules for hikers showing up after hours,
and, based on my own non-through experience, places like the malt shop,
Laguna Mountain Lodge, the restaurant on Pines-to-Palms Highway,
the Knotty Pine and La Casita and Red Kettle in Idyllwild, 
Kennedy Meadows Store and Irelan's Restaurant, Whites Motel, etc.

Private trail angels are another category entirely and also deserve some
formalized recognition.