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[pct-l] current conditions south of Tahoe

Hello from a longtime list lurker.

I'm planning to day-hike the 27 mile portion of CA Section J, from Blue
Lakes Road north to Echo Lake next Saturday. My calls to the local
jurisdictions -- Carson Pass visitor center, Tahoe Basin Forest Management
Office, etc -- haven't yielded a lot of solid information on what to expect
in the way of late snow, ice, general muck. As far as I can tell, long
stretches of the PCT through here are clear, but there MAY be some dicey
sections that extend for perhaps a mile or two. The entire walk is between
8,000 and 9,000 feet.

With Sierra weather changing rapidly day by day now, I was hoping someone
might know the true conditions for this segment as of today. I could go
with just poles, or poles and ice axe and gaiters, ... but when we start
talking crampons, that changes the fundmental nature of the walk a bit.

Any input would be most welcome!

Thank you.

D. Plotnikoff
David Plotnikoff
Columnist/Asst. Business Editor
San Jose Mercury News
voice: (408) 920-5867