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[pct-l] water sources/caches

To my knowledge there is not a list of water caches along the entire trail.  
This could be a good thing to create, however, since the suppliers of all of 
the water caches are not known (some or many are anonamous trail angels) it 
might be hazardous to represent a location that for some reason is not 
supplied.  Also, as the nature of water caches go, you may reach one just 
behind a group that has used the last water and thus hasn't been re-supplied. 

Thus, most hikers rely on current local information of what lies just ahead, 
this being the most reliable information.

Having said this, the water caches in section A (and I am sure many others 
that I am not aware of) are supplied by locals in the same places year after 
year. These caches are supported by proceeds from the ADZPCTKO and the 
locations of these are discussed at the ADZ and can be detailed to whoever 
wishes the information.

In general they are:
1. "Lucky 5" located on the trail where it comes very close to the Sunrise 
Hwy north of Mt. Laguna and just before you drop down into Oriflame Canyon.
2. Scissor's Crossing
3. San Felipe Hills, water is supplied at a gate several miles in from 
Scissor's Crossing and is also available in an emergency from a nearby ranch.

These have been strategically placed to break up the longest, driest 
stretches of this section of the trail.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

"Salvitur Ambulando"
(walking solves all things)
            St. Augustine

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