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[pct-l] Jack Fair's house

In a message dated 6/9/02 10:19:38 PM, yumitori@montana.com writes:

<< <shrug> All radioactive decay is 'assumed' to be linear. If you have
reason to disagree with the physics involved, I'm sure your paper on the
subject will be well received in the appropriate peer-reviewed journal.

Let's see, I've got to tie this in to the PCT somehow --- Uh, anyone out 
there know if a fox tail pine is the same as a bristle cone pine? I remember 
seeing these stalwart trees in the Golden Trout wilderness and marveled at 
how each tree was an individual, sculpted in a unique, bizarre way. 
  Anyway, Ron, I got to thinking about a much more conclusive method to 
refute my questioning of a 5700 year half life than ridicule. Resort to 
reason instead. For example, these foxtails live to great ages. In fact, I 
saw a cross section of one that had lived for 4900 years in a ranger station 
at Great Basin National Park. Now if one were to take, say, a gram of the 
innermost tree ring and a gram from the outermost tree ring and then place 
the samples, say, 3 inches away from a Geiger counter and measure the amount 
of radiation given off by each, one should be able to tell just how lineal 
the decay is. Using material from all 4900 rings should enable one to get it 
down to a gnat's ass Sound reasonable?? Now I don't have the time or 
inclination to try this experiment, but consider the conception free this time