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[pct-l] Bearikade Now Approved for Yosemite/Sequoia/KingsCanyon NPs

> 9,600 feet is the approximate tree line in the park--that elevation is used
> for food storage and fire regulations.  Bear canisters are required about
> tree line because there generally aren't trees suitable to hang food in
> properly.

I thought in the trained-bear zones from Sequoia through Yosemite,
the bears knew how to get at any kind of hung food, by breaking the branch,
chewing the rope, aerial trapeze, or whatever - so other approved storage
methods (lockers or canisters) were required.    So I don't see why 
they make a special deal about 9600' as far as food storage goes.

9600' is about the right altitude for prohibiting wood fires in the Sierra
since on average that's about where firewood gets hard to find around
established campsites, but the connection with bears is slender, apart from
the maxim that forest fires help prevent bears.    Campfires probably attract
bears, however.

I approve of Bearikade Expedition as a chair -
but as a canister it is
very awkward to deal with in a small internal-frame pack.   External frames
look better all the time, in bear country.