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[pct-l] Alda-West 2002

 Mark your calendar for Oct. 4th thru the 6th this year. Alda _west gathering 
is to be at Lake Wenatchee which is just east of Stevens Pass in Washington. 
Gathering is held in a great spot with your choice of bunking up in cabins of 
pitching a tent. All meals were included last year which were awsome!! Since 
Lake Wenatchee is 3 feet away, I plan to bring a few kayaks just for fun 
between speakers. ( This year rumor has it " Flyin Brian " will be speaking 
there as well) Lots of craft stuff with folks bringing sewing machines and 
1.1 oz. silicone nylon, stove making,. Dr. Dave Porter gave a good speech on 
Wilderness Medicine last year and should have some good advice this year as 
well. If you'll never went to an Alda-gathering , you are missing out!!! It's 
not all PCT folks either. ( A large amount of AT hikers came out here last 
year as well) I saw a slide show about the AT last year that did change my 
view of the trail enough that I may even have to try it someday myself!! All 
you Southern Calif. Trail Angels and section hikers need to use this as a 
excuse to come up to my neck of the woods and bring home a dozen boxes of 
Apples while your here!!!! ( And yes, you can still make the Alda-East which 
is 2 weeks later this year. Another plus is that many of this year's 2002 PCT 
crowd will have finished and should be a good amount of those hikers. ( So 
Donna and Jeff, Paul and Pat, Bob Reiss, Charlie Jones, Tom Reynolds, Hummel, 
Brick mark your dates down) P.A. Jeff, Swiss Miss and Luzia should be done 
with their CDT by then and plan to attend as well. If you did a AT hike in 
the last 5 years, someone you know will be there. The setting is priceless!!!

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