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[pct-l] Jack Fair's house

My wife and I and 10 hikers who were at our home (Casa de Luna) on Thursday 
in Green Valley were evacuated because of a wildfire, so we went to Jack's 
old place which has been bought by a wonderful man named Richard Skaggs who, 
after learning about the hikers and the trail, has made plans to not only 
continue to help, but also has begun fixing-up the hiker shed, added a camper 
with stove, shower and toilet, and has many more hiker-comfort projects 
planned for future PCTer's.
Several thru-hikers have already benefited from his hospitality and 
generosity, as have Terrie and I. So rest assured, Jack's Place will continue 
to be a source of water and full-service hiker support!!

                            Joe & Terrie Anderson
                                *Casa de Luna*