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[pct-l] UK Ray's video - Update

Good News / Bad News 

Good News - I've talked with Ray today and he's going to send me a master
video tape so we can make duplicates of the tape in the US for release. He's
put together a video company "Virgin Pathways" with a friend to make tapes
of different trails.

Once we get the tape we'll make copies, burn new jacket covers and make it
available for distribution. Exactly how all that will be done is yet to be

Bad News (Not for me) - I'm going out of town for 5 plus months on the CDT.
So my wife is left with the task of making all this happen. Along with
making sure people are happy with our new tents and keeping them in stock.
As a result it'll take awhile to make all of this come to fruition.  

ALDHA-West Gathering 

I'll be signing off here in a couple of days still I hope to see a number of
you at the ALDHA-West Gathering in October. We'll be having "Flyin' Brian"
fly through for a few minutes to instruct us in how to get crazier than we
already are. There will be a number of other notables present. 

There will be a Gathering of "The Best of Commercial Lightweight Gear"
manufactures present. Along with a 1001 tips for making your own gear
lighter, simpler and cheaper.

Monte will continue to dazzle us by burning even more hair off his head as
demonstrates "Tim Allen Guide to Homemade Alcohol Stoves". 

There will be slide shows, videos, computer multimedia presentations and
plenty of plain old good time fun! After a great ADZPCTKO to kickoff the
summer, The Gathering makes a wonderful bookend to close out one fantastic
hiking season!

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- -Fallingwater