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[pct-l] Fred Meyer, the REI of 2002

 Son came home with a new pack yesterday. A coleman internal frame at is 
4,500 cu.in. and cost 75.00. ( Pack weight is claimed to be 3lbs. even. 
Actually in looks about as well made as any in the 150.00 price range. ( No , 
it isn't as good as a MountainSmith , but the price is right!!!) Great 
distance pack for the hiker on a budget, or with 9 kids to buy shoes and 
books for, or for the hiker who's hiking budget is now going to pay a tuition 
at some University of higher knowledge!!! ( Seems like the people making 
packs these days are finally starting to get the picture that hikers are now 
going with lighter gear) Fred Meyer and Cosco may soon be battling it out for 
Backpacker Mags " Store of the Year" award.......

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