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[pct-l] Help for PCT hiker?

If any of you have met James Bennet aka Han Solo?
He is trying for an 80 day PCT hike and he snapped
one of his poles and shredded both the tips.  He's
shipping them to me to send
to Leki to be repaired but the faster fix would be for
Leki to ship the new lower sections to his next
drop and me to ship his poles back to him on the Trail,
The only trouble is, I don't know what style Lekis
he's using so I can't do that.  He was at a pay phone that
required coinage even with a calling card and he ran outta
coinage before I thought to ask him what style.
If anyone knows him and knows for sure which Lekis he's
using can you email me?  Or...and i know this is a long
shot, but if anyone has a spare pair they can loan him
till I can get his fixed?  Thanks for any info/help.