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[pct-l] restaurant at Kennedy Meadows

In case you are in contact with persons starting on section G:

There is a restaurant at Kennedy Meadows, not mentioned in the town guide,
that provided very satisfactory steak and hamburger
dinners to a number of hikers last week.
It's about three quarters of a mile further from the store toward 
highway 395, and nominal hours are 7am to 8pm, seven days a week, though
it is a one person operation and subject to closure when he has to go into

The store at Kennedy Meadows has a phone and hot showers and a garbage can,
though store hours were only 9am-5pm last week.   Something that never occurred
to me before:   the significance of the garbage
can is that it may be the last one near the trail until Devils Postpile
or further.     Many remote car campgrounds do not provide garbage service -
including the Forest Service one north of Kennedy Meadows and the BLM's at
Walker Pass and Chimney Creek.    The Forest Service campground at Kennedy
Meadows is now $5/night and provides water, pit toilets, and picnic tables,
but is three miles north of the store, and so many through hikers camp
for free where the paved road crosses the Kern River, 
if they are staying "in town" for a while.     There is water from the river
and pit toilets but no picnic tables.