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[pct-l] Dogs on the PCT

Two cents worth from this section hiker lurker.
We took our Beagle on a 100 mile hike last fall in Oregon. We were
celebrating our double nickel birthdays and averaged 10 miles per day-yes we
were passed by several turtles and a snail. The pooch did fine. Earlier in
the summer, we took her across the infamous lava rocks at Belnap Crater and
she had no problems, but
I think it was due in part to some previous trail conditioning and her
relatively low body weight.
Here's the kicker. Last weekend we went on a short hike on the McKenzie
River Trail and she came up lame on a more or less forested stretch.
Something cut her between the pads and suddenly we had a three legged dog.
We were glad we weren't in the middle of 100 miles, never mind a through
Take our experience for what it's worth, but think about the consequences of
an injured animal. How far can you carry your dog-or watch it try to keep up
on three legs? We are doing some serious rethinking ourselves, and we very
much enjoy our dog's company.
Happy trails, and may they all be downhill.
Kristi and Frank