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[pct-l] new guy seeking help

   Terry Phillips  wrote:
> One problem Iím running into is return 
> transportationfrom Virginia Lakes. Thereíll be 10 of
> us needing toget from there back to the airport. 

I was looking for a ride from Tahoe to Tuolumne last
summer. Here's a service I found (that I ended up not

Sierra Express www.mammothsierratransportation.com is
a van service that said they would do the Echo Lake to
Tuolumne Meadows run for $250. Remember this is over
300 miles round trip for them. I didn't asked if the
$250 was per person or per trip. 

For more info look at the PCTA Forum item titled:
Pacific Crest Trail Forum: The Trail: Trailhead
Transportation: Transportation - Echo Lake to Tuolumne


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