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[pct-l] Full Moon Hike, Friday Nov. 30

This is for those who are in the Los Angles area, my appologies to the
rest of you.

I lead a full moon hike every month, you are all invited if you want a
nice workout. These are flashlight free hikes.

Night Hikers,
Due to the Blue Moon there are two full moon hikes this month!
This Friday, Nov. 30th we will hike up Sullivan Canyon and come back down
Sullivan Ridge. It is a bit longer hike than usual and as well as a bit
more challenging because it is dark in the canyon, I'm not sure how much
the moon will shine through the tree cover. Anyway it is a beautiful
hike. It will probably be cool so we will be moving fast to keep warm as
well as finish in a reasonable time, so expect a brisk pace, not a
leisurely stroll. Distance is about 10-11 miles and should take about 3
to 3 1/2 hours.
If you want to car pool from the South Bay, we meet near the South Bay
Galleria at the Park and Ride lot in front of Levitz Furniture (on
Kingsdale Ave). Please meet there by 6:00 so we can arrange car pools. We
will leave from there at 6:15 pm sharp!! (Please note the change in
time!) We will try to be at the trail head by 7:00, traffic permitting,
and be hiking by 7:15 or before. 
The trail head is reached by taking Sunset Blvd. to Mandeville Canyon
Rd., go left just past the first stop sign on Westridge road, go uphill
to Bayliss Rd., turn left to Queensferry Rd. We will meet on Queensferry
at the gate.
Vic Hanson