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[pct-l] Amigo's plea...and where is?

Hola Compadres!

I've been a member of this list for two years and if
it weren't for the memories, advice and "I can relate
to that's" that people so rarely post, I'd quit.  I've
seen this "Hiking Speed" thread rise and fall at least
5 times, in addition to dozens of other HIGHLY
OPINIONATED threads, and I now just look for new

I know I have begged before, but one more time, can I
get a "Hurrah!" for those who offer quality advice
(there is a difference between opinions and advice),
stories, insight, and warm fuzzies of hiking while we
are stuck behind computer screens!

Aside from the dirt that is stuck to my 803's, this
digest is my closest connection to that beautiful
trail, and I used it daily.  I am sure this is the
same for most of you.  Can we think of this before we
post messages that snip away at pride and style?

So KUDOS to Lightningbolt and his image-reflecting
stories of speed, Greg and Monte's posts to how life
was back then on the trail, Others who give us useful
information (websites and good resupply spots), and to
you who make us smile or laugh with your thoughts of

As for a little business...Whatever happened to Barfly
and Just Geoff?  Anyone know if they make it?  Also,
what's the date on ADZ 2002?  Finally, any sponsorship
ideas out there?  I've got a fantastic friend who is
dreaming of thru-hiking, but doesn't have the cash to
do it all.  

Gracias, and hello to all!  I miss you folks!


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