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[pct-l] 100 miler near Lake Morena on PCT 15-Dec-01

Sounds to me that this will absolutely ruin the trail and cause as much
damage as .08 horses. Couldn't they find a nicer trail to run?

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There is a 100 mile race on the PCT starting 15 Dec 01 at Lake Morena.

A look at the way this is being run might shed some light on this sort of 

A total of 15 entrants.
The only course markings are the PCT trail markers.
The course is over 50miles of the PCT out and back
There are a total of 8 aid stations at Road crossings.
The course does not go through any wilderness areas, and there are no 
wilderness permits required.

There is no fee charged for this race (so the Race Director is not "making 
money off the trail")

So basically, 15 outdoor enthusiasts are going on a 20-30 hour ultra light 
romp along the PCT, and getting some help from their friends to do it. This 
will be a lot less impact than 15 thru-hikers, since no one will be 
camping, and the aid stations are on roads (and the areas where they are 
will be left cleaner than when they arrived).

There will be some competition among the 15 participants, most will be just 
competing against themselves to finish the event.

 From the entry form:
SD 100 Race Rules: No littering, no dogs or bicycles are allowed on the 
PCT. Please leave them at home! If you drop out, make sure you notify a 
race official or volunteer. You must have fun!

More information at

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