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[pct-l] Cat Food Can Stove/Light!!!

 Here's something new!! I took a Roy Robinson stove and put my Aladin lamp 
mantel and glode over the lit stove. Ta Da!!! What a great light!!! The 
aladin mantels are stronger than a coleman type. I now need to make an 
adjustable stand for the mantel and come up with a small light globe instead 
of the tall aladin chimney. I got the idea off an old stove/lamp web page 
when they showed an old german alcohol lamp from 1910 that was self 
pressuried. Roy's stove can be  made to match the same round flame pattern as 
an aladin's wick. A possible globe could be a candle lantern's chimney. The 
mantels are about 14.00 for the aladin ,but the light is nearly as good as a 
coleman gas lantern. ( Some to try on a slow winter day)