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[pct-l] RE: Trail Food

For me the key is balance.  I agree that a healthy body can function
reasonably well on trash food, but would question the sustainability of such
a regimen.  Brian's experience is a wonder and a credit to his natural
ability, genetic gifts, persistence and determination.  But when I'm on a
long hike, I want a diet that burns and still has enough staying power to
fix what's broken.  For me, that's high carb, high fat, high energy ... and
enough protein to keep repairing the daily damage I inflict on myself.

I'm not a dietitian either, but I've hiked long enough and far enough to
believe in my own experience.  Snickers and peanut butter work.  I eat one
or two snickers a day, every day on trail, and never tire of them.  They
provide an energy lift every time.  Peanut butter is my midday staple -- a
few ounces of Skippy with a bagel takes me well into the afternoon.  I try
to get my protein in the dinner and evening times -- a protein bar and a few
ounces of beef jerky (that I make myself ) go with the high carb dinner de

BTW Blovis, we're smart enough on this list to figure out what's helpful and
what's not for ourselves.  We don't need your nonconstructive criticism.