Rogue's Gallery of Some Members of PCNST Class of 2002

Like its predecessor for 2001, this gallery includes many of the actual and prospective trail finishers or section hikers I encountered in 2002. I don't care how many years ago they may have started; if they finish the last foot of the PCT this year and I got their picture, they belong here.

I have photographed prospective through hikers in a group at ADZ and as I encountered them

So some hikers got more than one picture. I didn't ask for pictures when hikers seemed to be in too big a hurry to stop and chat, or when it was too late in the day and I was trying to get to my intended campsite, or when the bugs were too aggravating.

Other hikers, not attempting or not successful though hikers, are in the scenery page at the end.

Anybody with additional or corrected information about any of these hikers, please send the correct info to . Most of the "unidentified" hikers introduced themselves but I didn't write anything down and my memory isn't very good, so many may be mis-categorized. Building this gallery is a labor-intensive and error-prone process, so let me know of dead links.

To see the original full-size photo - sometimes a group picture - click on the small "thumbnail" picture below. My universal experience with this sort of gallery is that nobody likes his or her own picture but finds fascinating the other pictures of people he or she knows. So consider the former to be the price you have to pay for the latter.

To make downloading faster, this gallery is divided into several pages:


Group photos at ADZ

I hope these were the prospective through hikers - I didn't get a good single group photo this year. Note that quite a few wrote their names on the
roof of the Stehekin bus.