Rogue's Gallery of Assorted Members of PCNST Class of 2001

Among the hundreds of successful Pacific Crest finishers this year, here I've tried to collect those I photographed on the trail or at ADZ or ALDHA-West this year. As far as I know, all of the following persons, except those in the last "scenery" section, finished the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail in 2001; they may have started in 2001 at any earlier date; they may or may not have been through-hikers.

If you find yourself among them, and would like to insert or correct any of the information items listed in the template, send the correct info to . Most of the "unidentified" hikers introduced themselves but I didn't write anything down and my memory isn't very good. I may have confused members of groups hiking together, and I may have confused through-hikers with section hikers. Some of the data reported below may be inaccurate hearsay. At first I was too shy to ask everybody I met if I could take their picture, especially if they seemed to be in a hurry.

If you finished this year but I didn't get your picture individually, let me know instead if you are recognizable in the group pictures at ADZ or ALDHA-West.

To see the original full-size photo - often a group picture - click on the small "thumbnail" picture below. My universal experience with this sort of gallery is that nobody likes his or her own picture but finds fascinating the other pictures of people he or she knows, particularly if there is any interesting gossip to be gleaned, regardless of the quality of the photography. So consider the former to be the price you have to pay for the latter.

This gallery is divided into several sections:


Unidentified hikers - in order of date of picture

Partly-identified hikers - in order of date of picture

Completely-identified hikers - in order of last name

Completely-identified 2001 through-hikers - in order of last name

Scenery - hikers along the way that did not finish the PCT in 2001 - in order of date of picture