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[pct-l] Advice for Class of '99

You are all real people. You are "doctors, lawyers and indian chiefs" that have
taken off 4-5 months for the "Adventure of a Lifetime". You are currently in the
middle of that adventure but, when you hit Canada, you will return to the world.

If you think of yourselves like that: "You are just like the people who you meet
while on the trail except you are on the adventure of a lifetime." and you
approach people from that point of view, and people see you as "Just like them
except . . ." you will see much trail magic as will hikers behind you.

If you see yourself as separate, unique, different and/or superior, and come
across that way, you will see very little trail magic . . . as will hikers
behind you.

None of the above means that you should not feel proud of your accomplishments,
or even of your courage to attempt such a feat. You should . . . . all the more
so . . . . because you are just real people with the courage and determination
to follow the dream of a lifetime.

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