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Re: [pct-l] stream crossing footwear

I am familiar with stream crossing in the sierra. Typically, in early season,
you are crossing on a very rocky bottom with water up to your knees and a
bowwave to your shorts. Some of the streams I crossed last year I would not have
crossed without double hiking sticks but I never needed to break out a rope.

I would not trust loose sandals. My wife uses the 3 ounce cheap variety for camp
shoes but uses aquasox for streams. Unfortunately, the latest Nike offerings, as
well as all competing brands, seem to be much heavier than my original [sadly
wearing out] aquasox.

One solution is cross country running flats [waffel racers]. They are amazingly
light and have the advantage that you can hike in them fro a bit between streams
but the  disadvantage that they don't dry very fast

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