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[pct-l] Adzpctko Party Organization

1-I can pick up and bring Food and Booze Friday assuming Charlie has secured the
campsites by about noon. My plan is dogs and burgers from Cosco. Several cases
of beer and soda and several bottles of wine, mustard and ketchup. I will
probably purchase onions, lettuce and tomatos My count is about 25-50 people!
Will your slaves [err kids] be willing to cut up the vegies?

2-I have several large coolers but my car camping equipment has gone the way of
all flesh since I haven't done it in years. Does Greg have adaquate cooking
equipment? If not, can charlie suppliment?

3-For water spotting in Chariot Canyon, the first location will not be bypassed.
[The book actually recommends the first location as a place to camp] The
directions are clear in the 1998 guide book. Theirfore, anywhere between there
and the second location is good. WE need the best hiding place. I assume we spot
on Saturday. I will print maps we can mark up.

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