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[pct-l] personal changes

I've made a bunch of changes: 

1. Im excited to say that I will be starting two weeks earlier (now April 16) 
then expected because I can, and because of the low snow, and of course so I 
can join all those at the AkODZPCTOIMM ,or whatever, in lake morena. I have a 
friend (Kaya from AT 95) joining me the first two days who may need a shuttle 
back to Campo or Mt Laguna- please let me know if you can help out (around 
April 19th).

2.Thought I should let you all know that my trail name will be changing 
because I can't stand the lack or originality (I have heard of TWO birdgirls 
on the AT and one birdman on the PCT.)

Other news- Ive been having great success at food dehydration- just wish I 
had started earlier, if you want more info let me know.  Also, Ive been using 
the Patagucci silk weight capaliene long sleeve shirt as a good sun/bug 
protection and first layer of insulation that is light weight and not cotton- 
pricey but very comfortable. However I returned my Leki makalu poles because 
they were sooo noisy.  Im in search of another light weight, quiet, pair. 

Im excited to see you all out there! This list has been a great resource.

-Charlotte from Maine (no chance of building pre-hike heat tolerance here!)

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